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Why bahhar - Let our experience work for you

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We have put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have a venue to list items and find the best deals on the net. This site is packed full of features for our sellers and a world of buyers is literally at your fingertips. With Advertise program you can list you’re FREE of charge advertises or a payable advertises. Here is some characteristics that set us apart from others:


  • Save time and money

    Most of our advertises are FREE of charge and we are giving our featured advertises in a very low price comparison on other similar. On a few minutes your listing will be in front of millions.

  • Safety and Secure is secured by the first and strongest security company around the world ( Which keeps your information far away from any risk, click the icon to confirm.

  • Malware Scan is daily scanned against malware, including javascript and iframes. The Featured completes a static analysis of Web site code as well as behavioral analysis through a browser simulation to find code that may be activated by display of a page, its reviews an optimal number of pages to identify malicious activity.

  • Stores - shops

    Set up your own store on our website to show all the items which you sell under your store name, it will also be able to view your store address and your website, beside a lot of other features that let you manage the shop and see our statistics for the number of visitors

  • Social network

    You're advertising will be automatically viewed on our pages in the social sites like Facebook and Twitter, which also increases you chance to view you're items.

  • Search Engines appears on the top of the most famous search engines, which increase you chance to view you're advertise for much more people.

  • Catcher

    We create this feature to those who don't have time to keep searching daily for what they are looking for, on a simple step just tell us what you are looking for, then once a seller list a similar specification item, you will automatically receive an email notification.

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